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How do I find the text after the sign "/". For example in the expression:

5 + 10 / 5 - 1

i need to find 5 and replace with float(5) or 5.0. I tried to find the numbers that stand after / ,but it didn't work out for me. Thanks for the help.
it should replace to 5 + 10/ float(5) - 1
my bad code :

var exp1 = "5 + 4/3 * √5"
var regex =
regex.compile(" (i dont know) ")
var result =
var final = exp1
if result != null:
    var rep = "float(%s)" % [result.get_string(1)]
    final = exp1.replace(result.get_string(0), rep)
Godot version 3.2.4
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1 Answer

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var exp1 = "5 + 4/3 * √5"
var regex =
print(regex.sub(exp1, "/ float($1)"))

The pattern matches a forward slash followed by any number of whitespaces (including zero), followed by at least one digit. This match is then replaced with the string "/ float($1)", where $1 represents the content of the first subgroup (= the digits).

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