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When I launch my Godot now, it gets stuck on the loading screen and I get a notification about OneDrive (it's Microsoft back-up files software.)
Notification I get when launching godot

OK I just launched it again and got past the loading screen, but it didn't respond the second after. Why is it downloading unnecessary files too, such as icon.png?

If someone can tell me what's going on, it'd be helpful.
I even tried to reinstall Godot, and I think the OneDrive thing might actually be trying to save my progress, but if it's gonna freeze Godot, then what's the point.

Godot version 3.2.3
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are you running Godot inside the Onedrive folder?
or are your opening a project inside the Onedrive folder?

Nah, I just opened Godot. I didn't open a project.

Any chance you've got a former project loaded from some folder synced with OneDrive? For example, it's possible your Documents folder is synced and old/unused files are deleted and only downloaded just-in-time if accessed (which Godot might try to do there).

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