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I want to localize my game into different languages, starting with german. I setup a csv-file with the translations and import it. The english text is shown. Everything works fine so far.
But if I use the german translation the special characters (üöäßÜÖÄ) mess up the text. Most of them only mess up the text they are used in (Zuräck --> Zurr), but the "ü" even messes up all localization keys which follow in the locafile and only the keys appear in the game. The font I am using contains the characters.
Any idea how to solve this problem? Do I have to replace the characters by some magic stuff? Any import options I missed?

My loca.csv

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Maybe your file is in ANSI.
You have to save it with e.g. Notepad as UTF-8.

But it seems to me as currently in Godot 2.1.2 the Import / Translation function is crashing the Godot editor.
In Godot 2.1.1 it worked.

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