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So I've been using 2.1 for a while now on several projects and suddenly today I start getting this error when using breakpoints. Doesn't matter where the break is placed in the code, doesn't matter which project as I've opened stuff I've not worked with for weeks and it still happens, and I've tried with 2.1.1. I even deleted the whole AppData/Roaming/Godot directory of settings and let it rebuild, didn't change a thing.

Anyone have a clue what's going on?

EXEC PATHP??: S:\Documents\Programming\Godot\Godot_v2.1-stable_win64.exe\Godot_v2.1-stable_win64.exe
ERROR: Object::emit_signal: Error calling method from signal 'breaked': 'ScriptEditor::_breaked': Method expected 2 arguments, but called with 0.
   At: core\object.cpp:1215
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If you can get this to work from scratch in a vanilla Godot project, you may consider sending a bug report on Github with repro steps and sample project.

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