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I have a main play scene structured like this:


Now, the CloudScene1,2 are scene instances. It is like this:


In my main play scene, I want to instantiate different types of clouds. I want to change the texture of Sprite in CloudScene for different children from the main play scene itself. How to do that? Is it not possible without coding?

If the scene instance node was expandable, it would have been really useful.

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If the scene instance node was expandable, it would have been really useful.

You can click the arrow next to the name of the scene and click "Editable Children" to show the instanced scene and all its nodes.

About changing the texture without code, i guess it would be possible to do so with the AnimationPlayer

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Oh! How stupid of me! The option was right there all the time and I didn't see it. Thank you.

Just to add if anyone sees this, in 3.x ++ you have to right click the node and select "Editable Children"! Was searching for this for hours :O

Difference is the scene icon now opens in a new tab.

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You can see scene icon on Scene panel with instanced scene node.
Click and check Editable Children.
Then you can see child nodes and change there properties.
Those changes are saved in current edited scene.

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Yes I see that now. Thanks.

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