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Been working on this game for some time now. Today it was finally published at Play Store and I'm excited to share it with the community:

Significant part of the game was made with your help and I appreciate it a lot, Godot community!

Godot version 3.2.3
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While it's wonderful that you've published your game, may I suggest posting this to the Godot engine forums' Project board, or on the engine's official Discord channel? The Q&A site really isn't meant for announcing releases.

Thank you for your kind suggestions!

I will add feedback, if you want :)

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Contrary to what one might believe, only the Engine section is meant to be a classical Q&A. The Projects section on this site exists specifically to showcase and collaborate on your projects, with the Gossip section serving for more "meta" topics and subjective questions.

Those roles can be found in the somewhat hidden README of this site, or by hovering the section links to your right.

There is also a proper forum here. I would recommend posting in both to get a better coverage, as they do not necessarily have the same users.

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Thank you for clarification! Now I feel a bit less guilty about it :)

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