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so i want to add attack feature to my game and i want to access the frame data in animated sprite, is there a way?

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You must have added a AnimatedSprite node to you scene right ? Like if you have a Player Scene then maybe you added AnimatedSprite node to it.
You can simply access this node and specific animation you created using it in your Player Script like this :


Of course I have assumed you named your animation "attack".

yes, but how do i take frame data like, to do damage at a specific frame

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If you just want to detect which frame is the current frame, AnimatedSprite has a frame property and a frame_changed() signal. If you actually want to get the data from the frame, you must call get_frame() on the frames (type SpriteFrames) property of the AnimatedSprite.

If you want to deal damage at a specific frame, it may be easier to use an AnimationPlayer and call the function to deal damage in the animation track instead.

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sorry im new and dont know some stuff so is there like a reference or a video explainig this

You can look at the documentation, I guess. Sorry, that's really all I look at.

tnk u for your help

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no there's no way for animatedsprite
use animationplayer instead.

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actually there is but tnk u anyways

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