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Hello guys,

When I wanna make a simple experiments/changings/modifications on my project/scenes to see what happens after modifications(moving asset, adding sound, deleting something etc.) and then close the project after that reopen it I see that all modifications saved on it automatically. Sick...

Really hate when that happens!.. Is there any settings to close autosave feature of Godot.


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When you run a scene, Godot has to save it and all resources that are linked to it. Otherwise it would not be able to run the game.
If you want to make those changes temporary, you could probably copy your scene/project and work with the copy instead of the original.

Umm yeah it should be to test game as logical, thanks Zylann.

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Use something like git/mercurial, even locally it helps a lot.

I have seen situations (with other engines) that also mess up projects permanently and people get stuck in unstable versions because they didn't have proper revision tools installed...

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Thanks for your opinion eons

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