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Currently, I'm trying to use a piece of code to decrease the player's y position to get them to jump, but I am running into a bit of an issue. With my current code (which is currently set up so that in the future I can add more mechanics) I'm using a state for a function, which doesn't seem to work. However, I tested it with physicsprocess(delta) and it worked then. I would like to keep the state machine, so I wanted to check here if there was a solution. Here's the code:

extends KinematicBody2D

const ACCELERATION = 500
const MAX_SPEED = 80
const FRICTION = 500
const GRAVITY = 20
const FALL_SPEED = 200
const JUMP_FORCE = 1000

enum {

var state = MOVE
var velocity = Vector2.ZERO

func _physics_process(delta):
    match state:



func move_state(delta):
    var input_vector = Vector2.ZERO
    input_vector.x = Input.get_action_strength("ui_right") - Input.get_action_strength("ui_left")
    input_vector = input_vector.normalized()

    if input_vector != Vector2.ZERO:
        velocity = velocity.move_toward(input_vector * MAX_SPEED, ACCELERATION * delta)
        velocity = velocity.move_toward(Vector2.ZERO, FRICTION * delta)

    velocity.y += GRAVITY
    if velocity.y > FALL_SPEED:
        velocity.y = FALL_SPEED

    if is_on_floor():
        if Input.is_action_just_pressed("jump"):
            velocity.y = -JUMP_FORCE

    velocity = move_and_slide(velocity)

Any assistance with this will be appreciated. Thank you.

Godot version Godot Engine v3.2.3.stable.official
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Your velocity vector is accumulating velocity.y += GRAVITY worth of downwards force every frame, this adds up quickly and is hard to overcome with JUMP_FORCE.

if is_on_floor():
    velocity.y = 0
    if Input.is_action_just_pressed("jump"):
        velocity.y = -JUMP_FORCE
    velocity.y += GRAVITY
    if velocity.y > FALL_SPEED:
        velocity.y = FALL_SPEED

velocity = move_and_slide(velocity)

no need to accumulate gravity when you're on the floor, you're already accounting for this with your use of FRICTION, which is probably the best way to do it imo.

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I've tried that, but it still appears that there's no change, jumping doesn't work.

Found where I went wrong, needed to pass Vector2.UP in moveandslide.

Ah yes, sorry for not realizing that. I'm glad you got it figured out!

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