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Is the standard version of Godot more powerful than the mono version?
Or does it matter?
And I have another question , can I use c++ in godot?
If I can how can I use that?

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Mono = C# version of Godot. The normal version of Godot runs off of GDScript. If you're proficient in C++ you should be able to pick up GDScript very easily. Using GDScript has many advantage such as changes that you save while running your game will be updated in real time to your game. GDScript is also created for making games in Godot so you will get a lot 'for free' compared to using other languages.

If you insist on using C++ you can find out how here:
Here is a video talking about using Godot with C++ advantages and disadvantages:

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We use C++/C# because a very inportant reason that gdscript doesn't have good way to create singleton instance... if this feature can be supported, i think many user will choose this buildin script to split the mono's runtime.

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