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I'm still new here and I would like make a simple, small Android game with Godot.
I read in its documentation that it requires Android SDK path and the debug keystore file path.
Now, I using Godot 3.3 Stable Official Win64, and it requires "Adb" and "Jarsigner", too. At least, these are appear in Editor Settings.
Are these files really necessaries? If yes, where can I download or find these?
Or should I add the path of SDK and keystore and are these enough to build an APK?
Thank you!

Godot version 3.3 Stable Official Win64
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It looks like you've already read the documentation article on Exporting for Android. Have you installed the Android SDK? If so, have you also installed the "Platform-Tools", the "Build-Tools", and the "Command-line" packages from within Android Studio? Those should contain the Android debugger (adb) as well as the "keysigner" program.

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Hello Ertain and thank you!
Finally I found these files while browse other questions here (in "Android export problem" question). I hope, I will be able to make Android apps with Godot, although I'm still a "green" with it. :-)

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