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How do I save a collision polygon as a resource to be loaded later in code.
I am trying to change the collision polygon of an Area2D when I change the sprite to a different one.

Godot version godot 3.2.3
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Right click your one of your folders in the File System section of your editor New Resource -> ConvexPolygonShape2D or ConcavePolygonShape2D. Define your polygon in the editor per usual and save the resource. Use a CollisionShape2D not a CollisionPolygon2D and load the polygon resource you created. In code you're probably going to need to do something like this:

var sprite_polygon_dictionary = {}
onready var my_sprite = $Sprite
onready var my_collision_shape = $CollisionShape2D

func load_sprite_dictionary(sprite_texture_array, polygon_paths_array):
    for index in range(sprite_texture_array.size()):
        sprite_polygon_dictionary[sprite_texture_array[index]] = load(polygon_paths_array[index])

func change_to_sprite(sprite):
    var polygon = sprite_polygon_dictionary.get(sprite)
    if polygon:
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When I create a new resource and double click it its not opening in the editor

It opens in the Inspector panel (default on the right side) like where you would edit positions of nodes in the editor.

Okay, thanks.

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A collision polygon is simply a node that can be saved and instantiated as a scene. If you want to save only the "polygon" property (PoolVector2Array), then I do not know how easy it is to do this without additional file-handling code, but it does not make sense, since only points will remain in the save file anyway, you can make sure of this by saving the node (right-click on the node in the list of scene tab nodes -> save the branch as a scene) and opening the scene in a text editor

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