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How do a create a completly new scene from gdscript, there seems to be no Scene class.

Godot version 3.2.3
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A scene is just a node and it's children saved to a file. That's all.

You probably just want to create a node and then add some children to it. If you relly want to save a scene (I.e. because you're working on an editor plugin) than this QA-post might help you.

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Thanks, this definitely helps.

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See Nodes and scene instances for godot 4 or godot 3.6.

Here's some examples copied from that page.

Building a new scene

var sprite2d

func _ready():
    var sprite2d = # Create a new Sprite2D.
    add_child(sprite2d) # Add it as a child of this node.

func _done():

Instantiating a new scene from the project

If you already built and saved a scene but it's not already in the active scene, you can instantiate it.

var scene = preload("res://my_scene.tscn")
func _on_Area_body_entered():
    var instance = scene.instantiate()
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(This question has high pagerank, so I wanted to add answers that would have helped me when I started looking.)

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