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Godot 3.3
Game Type: 2D
For OS: Windows

Hello I am creating a Grand Strategy Game similar to Risk, Civ V, Hearts of Iron and others. I am using an image with each territory/region represented as a different single color. The problem is, I do not know how to make each territory/region selectable (clickable) and change that selection to white (or whatever color). Also I am wanting all the territories to be green (or whatever color) when the game first starts and the users sees it, as well as having each territory/region having a black outline
I have included an image that has 4 map images on it (ignore the white color that is just to help show separation in the map images). Hopefully this helps some.

enter image description here

#1. Base map image, each single color represents a single territory/region. User never sees this base map,
#2. The map the actual user will see (notice that each territory/region has a black border around it). Also no one owns (conquered) any territories/regions yet.
#3. A territory/region a user clicks on (selects( The selection is gray. Also no one still owns (conquered) any territories/regions yet.
#4. Some territories/regions are now owned (conquered) now by the Red, Blue, and Light-Green armies. The user is also selecting a territory/region as indicated by the gray color selection.

The territories/regions colors and the owners are store in 2 separate json files

"id" : 1,
"color" : [0, 100, 100],
"owner" : 2
"id" : 2,
"color" : [255, 76, 63],
"owner" : 1

"id" : 0,
"color" : 19, 116, 146]
"id" : 1,
"color" : [0, 0, 255]

All the territories are dark green with a black border around them at run-time, their actual single colors comes from the territories json file and which the user never sees it as depicted in Image #1,the dark green color as depicted in Image #2 comes from the owners json file with the ID of 0 indicating no owner, .So when a user clicks an area it turns gray as depicted in Images #3 and #4 to show that it is selected, once it is owned (conquered) depicted in Image #4 it's color changes to reflect the owner who's color comes from the owners.json file . This is what I don't know how yo accomplish and need help with, please??

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1 Answer

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The only things I can come up with are a whole lot of work, I don't think you're going to be able to get around it:

  • In PhotoShop/Gimp, cut up the territories into their own layers,
    saving each as a PNG file. Import them into Godot and carefully place
    them as sprites. Then you change their modulate property to change
    their colors.
  • In Godot carefully make Polygons that are the same shape as the
    territories, then you can arrange the Polygons into the map - this is
    probably the best way to do it because it gives you Polygon objects
    to use for your CollisionShape2Ds so you can handle user input.

My sincere recommendation is to not focus so much on aesthetics and focus more on game play and go with a Civ6 style hexagon/square TileMap. Crazy shapes are NOT fun to work with when programming.

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this is quite logical, I support

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