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I am making a match statement that compares a vector's x and y values, however, it only works for my x-axis.

var y_axis = stepify(distance_to.y, 0.1)
var x_axis = stepify(distance_to.x, 0.1)
print(str("y axis = ", y_axis, ", x axis = ", x_axis, "\ny_axis == -0.7 which is ", y_axis == -0.7,
    "\nx_axis == -0.8 which is ", x_axis == -0.8))

the results give me

(-0.754222, -0.656619)
y axis = -0.7, x axis = -0.8
yaxis == -0.7 which is False
axis == -0.8 which is True

I recreated it in a new godot project and it's still working like this.

var vector = Vector2(-0.751234, -0.6545)
var y_axis = stepify(vector.y, 0.1)
var x_axis = stepify(vector.x, 0.1)

func _ready() -> void:
    print(x_axis == -0.8) # returns True
    print(y_axis == -0.7)# returns False
Godot version 3.2.1
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should the x_axis not be returning .6?

na if its 0.5 it rounds up.
so it's its 0.65 it would round the 5 up to be 0.7.
I believe that's how it works at least.

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comparing floats is always a tricky business. I would guess that you have some floating point values from this operation that are causing issues. do you need to use == exactly?

prints(x_axis == -0.8, y_axis, is_equal_approx(y_axis, -0.7))

is_equal_approx() fixes the issue

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