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Hey everybody! :)

Is it possible to modify the order of Items in a String Array in the Inspector?
I am currently using a custom Resource to hold dialog texts in a String Array:

extends Resource
class_name Dialog
export(Array, String, MULTILINE) var texts

It is a bit annoying to use however, as I don't see how I can change the order of the dialogs or even enter a new text in between two already exisitng ones.
The only thing I can seem to do is extend the array length and copy / paste stuff around.

Is there a way to handle this better?
Also is there any documentation what Export Hints exist? (like "MULTILINE") I couldn't find it myself.

Thanks for your help! :)

Godot version v3.3
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I don't know how to set the order but here is the documentation for export hints.

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