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I received policy violation message from AdMob stating that:

Rewarded Ads - Disallowed Rewarded Implementation - Must fix - Rewarded ads may only be served after a user affirmatively opts to view a rewarded ad. Additionally, a user must opt to view each rewarded ad individually and cannot opt-in to automatically seeing rewarded ads.

All I understood from that is I need to write a clear written explanation of what the user will get if he hits the button which I did. I also added play sign on the button to let the user know that the button contains ads.

What I didn't understand is the last part - "...and cannot opt-in to automatically seeing rewarded ads". What does it mean? I asked AdMob team and the only message I repeatedly get from them says pretty much nothing useful. Probably auto-reply.

Godot version 3.2.3
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"...and cannot opt-in to automatically seeing rewarded ads"
I'm thinking it's either like baked in to the OS like asking for permission before using their microphone or having a confirmation dialog shown the first time they click that ad. I would probably post to Stackexchange or an android app development focused forum though. You're a lot more likely to get someone who has dealt with that before.

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