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I'm working on a scene that has some labels and separators inside of a HBoxContainer and then the container's position animates from left to right on screen. The behavior is similar to how a news ticker runs. One of the ideas I had to calculate the size of the ticker is to use the "resized" signal on the container to determine when the HBoxContainer changes size. Presumably from the adding/removing labels and separators from the container.

However, when I use the "resized" signal combined with the set_pos calls I'm making for animation, the signal seems to be firing on each process loop. Is there a better way to determine when the container has changed size?

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I also want to bring up that this issue is happening when using Tweens as well for animation.

I'm not sure how to wait until all my items have caused my hboxcontainer to resize and then start animating. Any thoughts?

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