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I have two scripts ones a classname called Actions, and the other is a scene with a script that does some ui updates, in the class script I have a signal and a function that gets called when doing an action, in the function I emit a signal, in the other script i connect the signal with self.connect("uiupdate", self, "update_ui") but this never happens because the function inside that script never runs

func _ready():
    self.connect("ui_update", self, "update_ui")

func update_ui():
    print("ui is updating")

That is the script what I want to run a function

class_name Actions

signal ui_update

func attack(attacker_inventory, target_inventory, move):
    #print(str( + " used " + str( + " " + str((move)))
    var attacker = attacker_inventory[0]
    var target = target_inventory[0]
    var new_text = ( + " attacked with " +
    #text_scroller(new_text) # UI will become usless unless I change how the ui is controlled
    var data = recieve_damage(move,attacker,target)

and this script I simply emit the signal but nothing works, either the signal doesnt get emitted or the signal never actually connects and I have to do it this way since this class script isn't in a scene

Godot version 3.3
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Looking in the debug box it says its a nonexistent signal so the signal doesnt exist yet, how can I go around this?

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That is because the signal isn't a property of that scene with the receiving method.
You have to connect it in the Actions class like this:

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where would I put it, in the ready function Does the class still work with the ready function?

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