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I've been running a Godot client/server pair for some time now without problem, however recently whenever an HTM5 browser client attempts to connect to the server, the server throws "mbedtls error: returned -0x7780". Not only that, but the client does not show any error, it seems to just hang attempting to connect.

This only occurs in an HTM5 client in a browser, running the client as a standalone can connect fine. Any suggestions as to how to go about debugging this would be great. Like I said, up until recently my setup was working fine, and I haven't changed anything; it just stopped working all of a sudden.

Godot version 3.2.2
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Hi! recently we are developing a game in Godot multiplayer.
We set up the game build on a subdomain and we have the same problem (The server rejects the connection with that error code). Could you share with us the configuration you developed on the server side as well as on the client side of Godot? if it's not too much trouble, maybe we can come up with a solution together. Regards!

Hey, sorry for the delayed response.

My problem was caused by an expired TLS cert; I thought the certificate was going to get auto-refreshed via certbot on the server, however I needed to shutdown Nginx on said server for the cert to be able to update properly.

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