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So, i have a 2 enemy kinematicbody2d, they move in a specific path, but they both keep colliding into each other, blocking both of them's way, my enemy does NOT have a area2d in it, I want to do this without using layers/masks

my enemy looks like this:
Enemy (node)
--|StartPosition (position2d)
--|EndPosition (position2d)
--|Body (kinematicbody2d)

Godot version Godot Engine v3.3.stable.official
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Why do you not want to do with without using masks? It would be simple to just turn off the mask for the enemy layer to prevent collisions.

If i do so, my bullet does not collide with the enemies

Nevermind, I just found a solution

I had figured out that my raycast2d was not on the same collision mask as the enemies, Thanks for helping me :D

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