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When I play the project (by pressing F5), Godot always run all the GDScripts from all Nodes.
Is it possible to run only a specific GDscript I am interested to test run?

I am asking this because when I just want to test run specific GDScript, I do need the entire project to run. I ended up having to wait till all other scripts (which I am not interested to test) to run finish before the script I am testing get its chance to run.

Godot version v3.3 Stable Official
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Just run only the scene the script is in instead of everything.

There is a small button top right (CMD+R) on Mac

But what if I have 2 nodes in the same Scene, is it possible to just run the script from one of the nodes?

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F5 runs the main scene.
F6 runs the current scene.

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Create a new scene, put your node that has the script attached there. And then press F6

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But what if I have 2 nodes in the same Scene? Is it possible to just run the script from one of the nodes if I don't want to add another Scene? Thanks for answering (:

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Each node has a small eyeball (visibility toggle) in the scene tree. Just click on it to disable it before you run the scene.

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