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Hello everybody!

What about current state of HTML5 export feature? Are there any restrictions? I've seen somewhere in docs that this export module is Ā«brokenĀ», so... is it really broken, or not? Few days ago I've successfully exported a simple tetris game (from demo projects), and it seems to be workable.

P.S. I am newbie in Godot.
P.P.S. Sorry for my English.

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The 2.x HTML5 support is a bit experimental. It kinda works but some things don't always work.

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it works (if not, just look at the browser console and then into .html file to fix the file names).

but there is something that makes it unusable - performance. it is a crap even in a very simple games with just a few objects on screen.

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I confirm that performance is an issue (v2.1.2)

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