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Using add_custom_type I tried to create a node with custom behavior. The problem I ran into, was that you are only able to create a custom node based on a script, but I need to create one based on a scene, that also has children nodes.
Is there any way to create a custom node based on a scene?

Godot version v3.3.2.stable.official
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I'm not sure if you can do that. What about an inherited scene?

1 Answer

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The only solution i can muster up is to use tool

Unfortunately the following is an estimation and has not been tested
So it may not work as intended

extends Node
class_name My_Custom_Node

func _enter_tree():
    if Engine.editor_hint:
        var packed_scene = load("custom_node")
        var custom_node = packed_scene.instance()

Or you can try the plug-in way which should get you the results you expect

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