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I just downloaded Godot, I opened it, I went into the 3D workspace, everything looks neat, I left-click.
Nothing happens, good, because that's how 3D programs work as well.
I hold and drag middle mouse button, now I can look around, great! Works just like any 3D program, I like this.
I hold right mouse button and drag my mouse. Wtf is this. Why do I look around? Why don't I drag and drop my view through the scene?
Try alt + any mouse key. Nothing
Try ctrl + any mouse key. Oh, I can zoom in and out while holding middle mouse button. Great. Doesn't help me, though.

How. do. I. move. through. my scene. Am I damned to stare at the center of my canvas for ever? If not, why does every free program fails to adapt to basic 3D program navigation? Why not just go with what people are actually used to to make it easier? It's already such pain in the ass to switch between Maya and zBrush because zBrush just though: fuck basic navigation, people who wanna use this program need to relearn everything from scratch again, because not even ctrl+z does what ctrl+z does in every other program.

This is just a little rant and something that should probably be looked into because it drove me mad for a full hour (I still don't know how I move through my scene and at this point, I gave up). I don't think I'll use Godot any further but felt like writing this because it looks great, the tutorials look great, it seems to be a really good program especially for free. But it has to become artist friendlier in navigation. Going with the overall navigation of a workspace is established because people are used to it, it makes using more than one program at once easier. For example, if I have a self-made 3D chest in my scene and encounter a problem with the mesh, I just go back to Maya and fix it. Having my brain switch continuously between two types of navigations while still looking at the same thing (my chest in a 3D workspace) is unnecessarily complicated to handle.
Make dragging middle-mouse-button to look around in the 3D workspace, and ctrl+dragging middle-mouse-button to zoom in and zoom out.
Make dragging right-mouse-button to move around in the 3D workspace, make ctrl+click right-mouse-button center on the selected object, if no object is selected, leave it as it is.

At this point, I probably won't be answering any answers, but if there is a way to navigate through the 3D workspace maybe it should be mentioned somewhere, as googling has led me nowhere. If there is a solution, kindly drop it for others who are searching.

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2 Answers

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Read this. It says keys are similar to Blender but you can select Maya style. Which situation does ctrl+z not work?

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for anyone looking for an answer, it seems that the link no longer contains the info required to answer the question. Don't bother!

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I had the same question and was also extremely frustrated trying to figure this out. It's strange how it isn't documented anywhere.

There are a few ways. Here is a resource.,up%2Fdown%2Fleft%2Fright

Just in case it gets taken down or put behind further paywalls, I'll paste in what it says.
Godot's 3D editor
Before getting started with 3D, it will be useful to briefly review how to navigate in Godot's 3D space. The camera is controlled with the mouse and keyboard:

Mousewheel up/down: Zoom in/out
Middle button + drag: Orbit the camera around the current target
Shift + middle button + drag: Pan camera up/down/left/right
Right-click + drag: Rotate camera in place
If you're familiar with popular 3D games such as Minecraft, you can press Shift + F to switch to Freelook mode. In this mode, you can use the WASD keys to fly around the scene while aiming with the mouse. Press Shift + F again to exit Freelook mode.

You can also alter the camera's view by clicking on the [ Perspective ] label in the upper-left corner.

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