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Hi everyone!
I have a dictionary as shown below and I want it to be sent to a server via http request and I don't know how to do it

var score = {"White": 50, "Yellow": 75, "Orange": 100}
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1 Answer

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I am not getting what is told in this tutorial

The document assumes you are familiar with web servers and how to create or use appiications for them. Do you already have a web server that accepts http requests?

I am not familiar with web servers nor I have my own web server.
Can you please tell how can I make my own web server to accept http request

I am afraid it's beyond the scope of this forum. You may want to watch some youtube tutorials how to setup a webserver depending which programming language you are comfortable with. The most common languages are php, nodejs and python.

Pick one using a programming language you feel comfortable with:

Ok. So rather than making my own web server can I use an already existing web server? If yes then which web server and how?

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