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Hi guys, i'm trying to create a trail, just like in the image:

enter image description here

Can someone help me? please! :D


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Look/try this plugin

It does not use a shader but just a polygon, as many trail systems do.

I'm working on a Line2D and Trail2D node in C++ for doing exactly that, not ready yet but I hope it'll be integrated one day :)

The plugins works as expected! Thank a lot!

Wow, i hope to @Zylann :D

@eons - Just curious, how do you use that plugin?

I got it to work by copying the Trails/ folder under an addons/ folder, then enable the plugin in Scene->Project Settings->Addons and you will be able to create Trail2D and Trail3D nodes.

I didn't have any problems enabling it. Just the nodes don't seem to do anything on the canvas.

You have to run a scene and move it around. Also don't forget to set a color, apparently it's set to null by default.

Tried that, wasn't having any luck with. Even attaching it to a sprite and animating it didn't show anything. Hmm.

Nevermind, I tried messing with it as tool mode, and the emission flag was getting unset.

Oh. Well, here is a test project anyways, just run it:

Thanks Zylann, that's actually a very helpful way of experimenting with it.

Is a very old plugins so it needs some manual fixes to get it working, like the directory as @zylann explained.

I guess it can be optimized a bit too but works fine even the 3D one on Android (where other engines fail).

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