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Recently tried to make on screen controls but I ran into an issue
I had four touch screen button with name BtUp, BtDown, BtRight and BtLeft. And I had connected their button_up and button_down to a script.

var down_pressed = false
var ev =

func _process(delta):
    if down_pressed == true:
        ev.action = "ui_down"
        ev.pressed = true

func _on_BtDown_button_down():
    down_pressed = true

func _on_BtDown_button_up():
    down_pressed = false

I had done the same for all the buttons but whenever I press and release any button then It only moves that way but don't stop.
It prints down_pressed as long I press the key.

Godot version 3.3
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You need to set


in the _process() function

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It did not worked :(

Ah ok. I only tested it with mouse button. Maybe touch is different.

Any other solution?

Does this help? Seems to be doing what you are doing

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