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Only after some trying I figured out that in this order the PopupPanel appears at the spot where I left it in the editor window.
enter image description here
I would be glad to be pointed to a good read about those node hierarchies and what has to be the parent of whom to get the expected results.

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Popups draw relative to the anchor, when you reparent them, the position gets corrected but the anchor can mess up things a bit so you need to adjust it again (I wonder if this is a feature or a bug).

I guess a good tutorial is needed to explain those small details in the Control branch.

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PopupPanel is a toplevel control, meaning it is not effected by its parent position or scale, and is a child in hierarchy alone (it still gets removed if its parent is removed)

Control nodes have the function setastoplevel(true) or something for this.

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Thanks a ton for the clarification! I will keep the hierarchy in mind.

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