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I am trying to make a sprint system for my game but I am unsure how to make my character run only when I am holding down a key because right now the character stays sprinting forever. This is the code I am using:
func _input(event): if(event.is_action_pressed("sprint")): walk_speed = 6.0 print("Sprint Pressed!")


Godot version 3.3.2
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This is because the _input function is called once per event. So you press the button and set the character sprinting.

So you need to add an action for stopping the sprinting i.e. a release of the key.

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my movement code looks always abit like this:

func physiksprocess(delta):

if Input.isactionpressed("moveforward"):
andcollide(transform.basis.x * movespeed * delta)
if Input.is
moveandcollide(-transform.basis.x * movespeed * delta)

i hope this helps

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