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I have a player which is a KinematicBody2D
I have a box which is a RigidBody2D

Now I want to connect the player to the box like there would be some sort of physical connection between them.

I tried using a DampedSpringJoint2D for that. I set the node_a property to my player and the node_b property to my box and now I am wondering how to set up the joint correctly.

Do I only have to rotate it, position it and set its length the moment i am connecting the objects
OR do i have to rotate it, position it and set its length every frame since the player the connection goes from moves and the angle between the 2 changes all the time as well but when i turn on visible collision shapes i can see the joint doesnt move at all, which may makes since if one of the two objects is static but if both are moving, what option should i choose?

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