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Hello, i do have an kinematic body called "Enemy" that moves and slides toward the player, but only in z and x, i dont want him to "fly" towards the player, just to have some gravity to he stays on the ground, how can i do this? thanks for any help.

Godot version 3.3.2
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2 Answers

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Have you tried adding something like "-9.8" to the "Y" component of the Enemy KinematicBody? Maybe add it in the _physics_process()?

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I tryed doing it, but it gets stuck and moves rarely, im using a flat terrain, do you know why this happens? thanks

Could you post the code used to move the Enemy node? BTW, to post code here, use the button above the text field for code.

there is the code, i used daniel buckley tutorial,
func _physics_process(delta): if is_on_floor(): gravity = 0 else: gravity = -0.98 if Input.is_action_pressed("shift"): moveSpeed = 16 if Input.is_action_just_released("shift"): moveSpeed = 10 if translation.distance_to(player.translation) <= attackRange and alerta<10: var dir = (player.translation - translation).normalized() dir.y = gravity move_and_slide(dir * moveSpeed, Vector3.UP) if alerta >= 10: var dir = (player.translation - translation).normalized() dir.y = gravity move_and_slide(dir * moveSpeed, Vector3.UP)
Shift is to increase speed when player is running, and alerta is for when he gets shoot no matter the distance to player, he starts chasing him. I tryed to add the if is_on_floor but as i said it keeps moving rarely and gets stuck.

From what I can tell, you should continuously apply the gravity, not just when the Enemy is on the floor (is_on_floor() can be spotty and unusable on some surfaces).

the problem could be with the collision shape, if it's not a capsule, make it one

ohhh yeah, that was the problem, much thanks for all the help, it was a sphere collision shape before, thanks

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instead of an kinematicbody, you can use an riggidbody.
a riggidbody already has all physiks

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