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Hi, as my first project with godot, I am making a clicker or idle game. Yet the button node in godot seems very limited.

In Unity there is a new package called UI toolkit, where you can create UI using syntax similar to html and css. Because of this, the UI can become much more responsive to different screen sizes.

Is there some kind of equivalent in godot? or do you really just have to design the button in a different program and import it into a texture button?

If there isn't anything official yet, is there maybe some kind of plugin which allows for better customization?

Thank you!

Godot version 3.3.2
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If you're looking for customization. Click on the button and in the inspector scroll down to the control section. Inside is a custom styles dropbox. From there you can customize the button depending on what state it is in end. For example, what the button should look like when it's hovered over. I suggest playing around with 'New StlyboxFlat". Ui in Godot is clunky at times and hard to understand, so I hope that helps.

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Godot offers an easy way to adapt your project to multiple resolutions and aspect ratios, yet is flexible enough thanks to Control anchors. Use the 2d stretch mode and expand stretch aspect.

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