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Disclaimer: I'm a bloody beginner.

Where in the code would I start to introduce this concept?:

enter image description here

Any player can walk up on the inside planes of a giant cube, switching the gravitational direction.
Upon switching the player can walk, jump, shoot/throw on his plane as if it was the "correct" gravity , but other players remain on their gravity plane, walking, jumping and shooting with their own interpretation of what is down.

I fear Godot assumes there is only one gravity (pointing downwards) in many prebuilt functions that are commonly used in physics, player movement and so on…

Godot version 3.2
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2 Answers

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You can override default project's (adjustable) gravity with Area.

Also, for a specific bodies you can disable gravity completely (by setting gravityscale = 0) and apply force/impulse manually, in physicsprocess.

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You can achieve it using Local and global spaces in the godot editor. By using local space, when you rotate the object the object along with its axes would rotate
enter image description here

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