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I am making a simple 2d game and was trying to make a gun rotation script. The gun needs to flip when the cursor is on the left side of the screen.
This is the code I am using:

extends Sprite

var mouseposition

func _process(delta):
    mouseposition = get_local_mouse_position()
    set_flip_v(mouseposition.x <= 0)

The gun flips as it should but then I add this line:

    rotation += mouseposition.angle()

After this the gun starts to rotate but the flip line doesn’t seem to work.
What am I doing wrong?

Godot version v3.3.2
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Problem is, that you rotate the object in it's local coordinates -> so the mouse localmouseposition is not what you expect.

One solution is to compare mouse_global with object's global:

mouseposition = get_global_mouse_position() - global_position;
rotation = mouseposition.angle();
set_flip_v(mouseposition.x <= 0);

The other (better) is to rotate the object within global's space:

mouseposition = get_local_mouse_position()
set_flip_v(mouseposition.x <= 0)
global_rotation += mouseposition.angle()

Generaly it's better to alter globals, not locals -> because moving object in local will affect it's collisions local_mouse and many more things.

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thank you for your help

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