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okay, so i made this fps game, whenever i open Full Screen mode the cross-hare changes to a different location than when it wasn't in full screen mode.

Godot version godot 3.3
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How are the crosshairs laid out and put into position on the screen?

with a texture rect node

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You can make the crosshair a child of a control node whose layout is centre. Then when you resize the screen, it will not move.

I would also recommend that in settings under Display -> Window (down the bottom of the list of settings), you change it from mode to 2d or viewport (I don't know the difference - play around with it!), and also change Aspect to expand

Hope this helps

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okay am going to give it a try.

Hope it works!

yes it did!

the second steps about the setting was the one that work.


Glad to hear it!

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