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I want to add camera borders for my game but I don't know how to do or is it possible to do. I think I can make it work using 'if's and checking camera position but it would be too long

Godot version 3.3
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Oh, do you mean like a 'recording screen' where the camera has the red recording dot and battery percentage?

Sometimes it may take a few hours for a person who knows about the subject and can comprehend your question to give you a good answer, when you repost the question it won't necessarily be answered faster but it will push other questions down which is why the site gives you that warning.

3 Answers

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you have accidentally posted the question twice, so maybe delete (or hide) the old one, and that's why it was giving you a 'duplicate error'

as for the 'camera border', you can put an image in the 2d screen (as a sprite or something), and it will be displayed on top of the 3d scene.

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globalposition.x = clamp(globalposition.x, MINX, MAXX)
globalposition.y = clamp(globalposition.y, MINY, MAXY)

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you could add mathemathical "clamp" for the camera the camera position or you could add an collider to the camera/or the player and make a wall arround the level.

Look here:

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