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I want to play an a 4 frames animation, and i have tried with this code:

func input(event):
var grounded = is
if grounded and Input.is

and i already tried in this way:

func input(event):
if Input.is

but my character just stop the animation and dont play the current animation to attack.

What i can try? Its just the animation thats too small??

Godot version 3.3.2
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Have you checked if the attack animation works as you want before running the code? Maybe the animation itself is not running properly and is just stuck at Frame 1 (hence why it appears to "stop").

The animation its working properly, but when i run this code, doesnt run even the first frame of the animation, i really dont understand whats happening

Heres my screen

if grounded:
    if move_dir == 0:
#Bater no teto
if is_on_ceiling():
    y_velo = 0

I have that above in my code, this can be the cause?

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Make sure that in project settings -> input map there is an action called attack1, and it does have an action attached to it

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Make sure to create an Input Map Action for attack1. Go to Project -> Project Settings -> Input Map. Type Action name then click add then add key for that action.

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