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I have a 3D RigidBody with a locked Y-Rotation-Axis (Axis Lock Angular Y). All other linear and angular axes are unlocked.

I want to set the y-rotation by code myself. The translation and rotation of the unlocked axes should be calculated by the physics engine.

I can change rotation.y in _physics_process(delta) or _process(delta), which rotates in y correctly, but this stops the translation and rotation of the unlocked axes, calculated by the physics engine. Another try to change the translation in _integrate_forces(state) doesn't do anything.

Any ideas?



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use the RigidBody mode "character"
then modify the transform in the bodystate

func _integrate_forces( state ):
    state.transform.basis = state.transform.basis.rotated(Vector3.UP,the_rotation)
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Hi klaas,

state.transform.basis = state.transform.basis.rotated(Vector3.UP,the_rotation)

fixed my problem. I leave the mode as Rigid and not Character, because I need the automatic physics rotation in x, and z.

Thank you so much, I've learnd something new, and I think I like Godot more and more, Cheers


Hi i am new to godot and i have done this but after a few rotation my input keys wont work.

this issue seems to be related to another problem.

Can you provide code to replicate the issue?

Thanks so much for the answer! I was struggling with rotating a rigidbody as it wasn't rotating around its own axis. Your solution works.

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