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I am trying to prepare a game in which one player's stats (i.e. level, trophies, health, available troops) needs to be sent to another player so, I tried making a Google Sheet. And I want the players information should be stored in a particular cell (say A1) and other player can read that. I don't know if it is really possible. If its really possible then it would be very helpful for me.
Thank You!

Godot version v3.2.3-stable_win64
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I don't think that google sheets is the best way of storing things. Maybe you should create a database (SQLlite? [default with python, not sure about GDScript]) to store the data

After some searches I found this answer.
But I am unable to do so :(

Why do you want to use Google sheet in the first place?

If you have a server you could also use headless Godot installed on a server for exchanging the JSONs between player I guess. Or maybe a small nodejs app.

I myself use JSON API to store data in Drupal / Wordpress / etc.


I don't have any web server. That's the main issue

You could create a local server with python or something (python -m http.server)

How? I don't know anything about it

You did not mentioned this is realtime multiplayer or not. For realtime you could checkout and pick a Godot multiplayer method?

Thanks for the tutorial but I can make multiplayer games.
I just want to know how can I exchange data between various player through an http request. In the docs the website mentioned only shows hello world but I want to show other things. If any easy way you know then please tell.

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