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I'm aiming create a house procedural generator, for now I can create 4 walls in a rectangle shape, here is the code:

var myMesh =
myMesh.mesh =
myMesh.mesh.size = Vector3(x, y, wall_thickness)

var myMesh2 =
myMesh2.mesh =
myMesh2.mesh.size = Vector3(x, y, wall_thickness)
myMesh2.translate(Vector3(0, 0, z))


var myMesh3 =
myMesh3.mesh =
myMesh3.mesh.size = Vector3(wall_thickness, y, z)
myMesh3.translate(Vector3(x/2, 0, z/2))


var myMesh4 = myMesh3.duplicate()
myMesh4.translate(Vector3(-x, 0, 0))


Now I want to add doors but I can't find out a manner to do that, the best way I tought of was to subract the door passage and then add the door mesh, but don't find any exemple for mesh subtraction in code

Godot version 3.3.2
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You can use a GSGcombiner with it's children as CSGboxes (and other GSGshapes).

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Thanks, here is an example in code, I added in the CSGcombiner node script

    var wall =
wall.width = x
wall.height = y
wall.depth = 0.2
wall.translate(Vector3(0, y/2, 0))  


var door_passage =
door_passage.width = 2
door_passage.height = 4
door_passage.depth = 1
door_passage.operation = OPERATION_SUBTRACTION 
door_passage.translate(Vector3(0, door_passage.height/2, 0))    
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