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hello , i understand what vulkan is .
and i didn't install vulkan before , so to use godot 4 in the future , what the steps that i need to do so godot 4 works properly .
i know it might be my question is too early to post .
and thank you .

Godot version godot 4
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Godot 4.0 will not have OpenGL support, it will only support Vulkan.

Hardware supporting Vulkan includes:

  • NVIDIA Kepler (GeForce 600 series) or later
  • AMD GCN or later
  • Intel Skylake IGPs or later (not relevant if you have a dedicated GPU)

Thank you , I saw a video about this

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Vulkan is what the new engine will use to render scenes, it will be a part of Godot 4 just like GLES2 and GLES3 are a part of Godot 3, so you won't have to install anything to be able to use it.

As long as your own system (hardware) supports the Vulkan API, you're good to go!

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Thank you , I was worried about this , if I need to install something like with c# for Godot mono version

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