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How can I check how many seconds have passed since the start of the script execution?
I need to make it so that I can check exactly how many seconds have passed since the function was executed. In my case, it is 2 seconds.
Как я могу проверить, сколько секунд прошло с начала выполнения скрипта?
Мне нужно сделать так, чтобы я мог точно проверить, сколько секунд прошло с момента выполнения функции. В моем случае это 2 секунды

Thanks very much!

Godot version 3.3.1
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1 Answer

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do you mean:

int get_ticks_msec ( ) const 

Returns the amount of time passed in milliseconds since the engine started.

or you just save this value and compare it to "now"

var start = OS.get_ticks_msec()
#then later
print( str(OS.get_ticks_msec()-start)+" have past since start" )
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