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func _speak(dialogue):
    yield(Interaction, "interaction_completed")

func handle_interaction() -> void:
    _speak("hello 1")
    _speak("hello 2")

Calling yield in the first call of _speak() doesn't wait until the interaction is being completed. Is there a sophisticated way to solve this issue with signals?

The problem is mostly about code design.

func handle_interaction() -> void:
        Interaction.say_dialogue("hello 1")
        yield(Interaction, "interaction_completed")
        Interaction.say_dialogue("hello 2")
        yield(Interaction, "interaction_completed")

This looks like ugly code, specially if I have many things that a character says. Can this be solved with yield or should I go with the good old is_finished checks?

Godot version 3.3.2 stable
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Not really useful for me, but thanks for the effort.

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