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I've made a simple game and have put it on my WebApp, the entire game and its relationship with ReactJS have been a smooth transition. After doing this I've decided to revisit some old things and missing features, one of which was mobile optimization I ended up concluding that for most devices a simple function OS.setwindowfullscreen(!OS.window_fullscreen) does the job!

However this is not the case on Apple phones, how does one go about changing this?
Is it even possible to make them fullscreen?

A really simple function attached to a ToolButton (used it due to its transparant nature)

func _on_FullscreenEnter():

func _on_FullscreenExit_pressed():

As stated this works well on all devices excluding Apple

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You mentioned WebApp ... so what browser on iOS? Have you tested several browsers on iOS?

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However this is not the case on Apple phones, how does one go about changing this?
Is it even possible to make them fullscreen?

One way to achieve this would be to export the project as a progressive web app and tell the user to add the website to their home screen. This will be available in Godot 3.4 and later (it's already in 3.4beta2).

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Well that sucks, is it easy to transfer projects between versions? And is beta 2 available for the public? I'm only seeing a download link for beta 1

And this is not really a web app/game that people would use as their home as it is a play once a day type of game which has IRL rewards hence the format of the game. From what I've found though research by now it seems that IOS dislikes PWA's and does not give them control over many aspects which android does.

The 3.4beta2 downloads are here:

You can seamlessly upgrade a project from 3.3.2 to 3.4beta2, but make a backup (or use version control) beforehand.

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