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So I have multiplayer game, client sends sockets from Server node with rpcid and unreliablerpc_id to server. Server sends back and it works, so I have client-server structure, played with multiple people all fine and good.

Now I want to add bots, bots are controlled by clients and emulate players, so I wanted each bot to be it's own peer and connect to server, so for server bots look absolutely same as client.

However, because all network has to be done from Server node, it ruined all my plans of having peer inside each bot object and sending packets to server. What do I do?

When bot connects, server says error because it doesn't have this node or something. I can create this folder on server, but then I need to generate random names for bots on clients to make sure they're not intersecting, and stuff like that. IDK what to do. Maybe it's just dumb idea? If so how do I go about making client controlled bots for client-server game?

Godot version 3.3.2 stable
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Can you share some code / links to what you used.

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