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Hey all, I'm experiencing an annoying bug when trying to import a mesh for use in a gridmap.

I start with exporting from blender to a .glb file. Note the scale of 0.01 on all axis which I had to do as this mesh was quite large.


From there I import it into Godot into my gridmap source tile scene. It looks good here and the scale factor has been retained. I've also created a simple flat tile shape as a second object.

I then convert it to a mesh library which I then attach to a gridmap. When I select the flat tile shape, I can use it without issues.

Static Tile

However, when I select the imported cube, it ends up being MASSIVE. I've tried messing with the scale factors but it doesn't seem to have any effect.


Anyone have any ideas!?

Godot version 3.3.2 stable official
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At first try to export from blender as a .gltf instead of .glb
Note that the x=0.01, y=0.01, z=0.01 of blender is the x=1, y=1, z=1 of Godot. You don't have to edit the axis in Godot!!!!

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I didn't quite understand what you wrote. So what I did was export the file as .gltf. I then opened it in godot and saved the mesh as a .tres. I then created a new spatial node and set that new .tres as the mesh instance. I set the scale factor to 0.01 and added a collision shape and finally exported it to overwrite the .meshlib.

Same thing happens. The cube is HUGE compared to everything else.

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