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I don't know how to attach images from my machine here <_<... so I'll just describe my problem very shortly here.

important edit -> you can recreate this pretty simple by just taking a cube and a base armature in blender, export this as described and import it in godot. it will not be a skeleton.

also here is the reddit thread with pictures:

reddit-thread about the same topic with pictures

example 1

example 2

These two videos pretty much explain what i was trying to do. Importing an animated character model with gltf 2.0 (.glb) format from blender to godot.

Everything works fine. There is only one thing going wrong which does not happen in the videos. My sceleton is not recognized as a sceleton in Godot. It just becomes a Spatial Node. Every Bone becomes a Spatial Node as well. In the two example videos they are recognized and imported as a skeleton Node.

My animations are all working perfectly, but i can not acces my sceleton and bones, since they are not imported as such, which of course is a huge issue. I've tried every export setting from blender (one way shown in the videos) and every import setting in godot. I am just clueless and would really appreciate any help.

Godot version 3.2.3.stable
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