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I'm trying to create an FPS game and was wondering how to create a gun recoil spray pattern. I could only find tutorials that made random range recoil patterns rather than custom designed ones like I'm interested in creating. How do I go about creating a custom recoil spray pattern?

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What is a "recoil spray pattern" ? Isnt that a divergence in shooting/targeting? How can this be custom designed?

A recoil spray pattern is the movement a gun makes while shooting. "How can this be custom designed?" Idk hence why I made this post asking if anyone knew.

Since it is a FPS. Why dont you just add random x and y offset to your raycast ... or the way your aiming works. But that sounds like "random range recoil patterns" that are not custom ??? I think i dont get it.

I'm trying to create custom gun recoil patterns similar to csgo or valorant.

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