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I am trying to rotate an animation based on the rigid body's collision point, but look_at doesn't seem to do anything. Here's my code:

class_name Sword
extends RigidBody2D

var direction = 1
var collision_angle = 0
var collision_pos
onready var player = get_parent().get_parent().get_parent()

func _on_RigidBody2D_body_entered(body):

set_collision_mask_bit(0, true) # after it hits something, enable collision with player so they can pick it up
set_collision_mask_bit(4, false) # prevent enemies from constantly colliding with sword
set_collision_layer_bit(5, false)


$ThrowShape.set_deferred("disable", true)
$PickUpShape.set_deferred("disable", false)

#$ThrowShape.disabled = true
#$PickUpShape.disabled = false
if body is Enemy:
    gravity_scale = 5
elif body is Player:
elif body is Boss:
    linear_velocity -= Vector2(100, 100)
    if $Animation.flip_h:
        direction = -1

    sleeping = true

func _integrate_forces(state):
    if (state.get_contact_count() > 0):
        var position = state.get_contact_local_position(0)
        var angle = state.get_contact_local_normal(0).angle() 
        collision_angle = angle * 180 / PI
        collision_pos = to_local(position) 

func _on_ReturnTimer_timeout():
    yield($TimeoutFade, "animation_finished")
Godot version v3.3.2.stable.official
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since your node is a rigidbody, i suggest the lookat gets overwritten by the bodies physics. Am i right?
To modify a physics body transform you have to do it in the _integrate
forces(state) by modifying the transform in the PhysicsDirectBodyState provided to the function.

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Yes, it's working now, thank you. Didn't consider this would also have to be done in _integrate_forces(), but it seems to be the case. I should also add that the collision point should be kept global, otherwise the look_at() doesn't seem to rotate correctly.

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